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Countdown to Bonneville Speedweek 2016! 


At The World Famous Bonneville Salt Flats

August 13-19

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Project 250

The team goal is to reach 250 mph using a normally aspirated small block Chevy on Gasoline, Breaking the B/GALT record of 241.028 and on alchohol Breaking the B/FALT record of 237.922 at the Bonneville Salt Flats.


El Mirage Nov. 2014

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  The Place. The World Famous Bonneville Salt Flats. A place so flat you can see the curvature of the earth. 159 sq. miles in the Great Salt lake desert in northwestern Utah. The remains of the Ancient Lake Bonneville. In the winter Rainfall fills the basin, when it dries it is a flat densely-packed salt pan. The area was named after Benjamin Bonneville a US Army officer who explored the west.






During the last Ice Age, about 15,000 years ago, Lake Bonneville was the size of Lake Michigan. Humans have lived in the Great Basin for thousands of years. The salt flats' potential for racing was first recognized in 1896 by W.D. Rishel who was scouting a bicycle race course from New York to San Francisco. Rishel returned and convinced daredevil Teddy Tezlaff to attempt an automobile speed record on the flats. Tezlaff drove a Blitzen Benz 141.73 m.p.h. to set an unofficial record in 1914.

In the 1960's, jet powered vehicles and names like Craig Breedlove (600.6 mph) and Art Arfons (576.55 mph) captured the imagination of millions. In 1970, Gary Gabolich's rocket car, "Blue Flame", attained a spectacular 622.4 miles per hour.
  The Car. A 1982 Pontiac Trans Am (purchased in 1992 for $600). The engine is a 421 small block Chevy built by Billy using Dart block, Eagle crank, aluminum Brodix 10x heads, Jessel rocker shafts and a 1050 Dominator carb. The engine exhaust is custom made headers made by Craig at Craigs Custom Metal Forging. The engine is backed by a Ford Toploader transmission and Ford 9-inch rearend both also built by Billy.  
Driver safety includes a Nascar style rollcage built by Brad at Earnest Repair shop. Race seat, harnesses, and two fire systems one for the engine and the other for the driver. Car is equipped with 4-wheel disc brakes, a parachute, and a custom made wing and fuel cell. Paint by PJ. Car rolls on Goodyear Land Speed Eagles.  
  The Team. Includes the instigator Randy Rocket Rideout (center) and yes that is my name. I am owner and driver. I can be blamed for dreaming up this idea. Our engine builder Billy Scholla (left) an excellent top of the line builder and the best when it comes to tuning and picking combinations. Andrew McCleery, an old friend who has been there from the beginning. Andrew was my co-pilot for all our open road races. My Lovely wife Misty (right) who helps with everything and tries to keep us in line.  

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